Magazine Publications

Includes my poem “Sunbeams and Moondrops”
Includes my poem “Piggies All Day”
Includes my poem “Damsel Not In Distress”
Includes my poem “The Right Word”
Includes my poem “Faces in the Clouds”
Includes my poem “Sea Glass”
Includes my poem “Behind the Dancing Rain”

“Piggies All Day” HIgh Five June, 2019

“Sunbeams and Moondrops” Highlights for Children June, 2019

“Yes, Katy Did!” Highlights for Children June, 2018

“Sea Glass” The School Magazine (Australia) Feb, 2018

“The Damsel Not in Distress” Spider Magazine July/August, 2016

“Ima Termite: All About Me” Highlights for Children June, 2017

“City Tiger” Spider TBD

“My Unpredictable World” The School Magazine (Australia) Coming in 2018

“Nesting” Highlights for Children TBD

“The Sense-sational Sea” Highlights for Children July 2013
     Reprinted with Rally Education 2013

“Moored” The School Magazine (Australia) March 2015

“Faces in the Clouds” The School Magazine (Australia) April 2015

“Behind the Dancing Rain” The School Magazine (Australia) July 2015

“A Streetcar Named Happily Ever After ” Illumen  2017
Nominated for The Rhysling Award 2017

“The Legend of the Flying Dutchman” Crow Toes Quarterly June 2010
Note: RUNNER UP in the SCBWI Magazine Merit Awards 2011    
Nominated for The Rhysling Award       
                              The School Magazine  July 2016

“The Dreaded Dreadnoughtus” Frostfire Worlds Nov 2015,  Feb 2016

“Riding the Dark” Frostfire Worlds Feb 2016
Nominated for The Rhysling Award, 2017

“Poet on the Lam” The SCBWI Bulletin Summer 2015

“The Right Word” The SCBWI Bulletin May 2011
Reprinted in The Journal of Children’s Literature Spring 2014

“Don’t Call Me a Fairy” Spellbound Magazine 2013
Nominated for The Rhysling Award

“The Beast of Shandore” Spellbound Magazine Summer 2014

“Late At Night” Spellbound Magazine Fall 2013

“Magical Chance” Spellbound Magazine Winter 2012

“The Place” Beyond Centauri Jan 2013

“Dreamtrain” Beyond Centauri April 2012
Nominated for The Rhysling Award

“The Ballad of the Naughty Poodle” Bumbershoot August 2010

“Incommunicado” Bumbershoot August 2010

“Billy McNish” Spaceports & Spidersilk June 2010

“The Sea” Long Story Short November 2010

“Broken Engagement” a handful of stones January 31, 2010

“The Comet” Long Story Short July 2010

“Magical Rides” Spaceports & Spidersilk March 2010

“The Clockatoos” superteacherworksheets December 2010

“To the Ferry” superteacherworksheets September 2010

“Tire Tube Haiku” Berry Blue Haiku June 2010

“Red Kite Haiku” Berry Blue Haiku September 2010

“Skateboard Haiku” Berry Blue Haiku September 2010

“School Bus Haiku” Berry Blue Haiku September 2010

“Bejeweled Haiku” Berry Blue Haiku December 2010

“The Spelling Bee” superteacherworksheets September 2010

“The Osprey” Long Story Short December 2010

“Grand Piano” 3 Lights Quarterly Spring 2010

“The Tortoise’s Encounter” Beyond Centauri January 2011
        Note: this poem won first prize in the 2009 AVSOMC
        Carnival Poetry Contest
        Nominated for The Rhysling Award

“Yellow Crocus” superteacherworksheets January 2011

“Cricket Serenade” superteacherworksheets January 2011

“Pixie Umbrella” superteacherworksheets January 2011

“Explorers” superteacherworksheets February 2011

“The Upside Down Man” Spaceports &Spidersilk March 2011

“Blue Window Haiku” Berry Blue Haiku March 2011

“The Things I Saw” Underneath the Juniper Tree  June 2011

“Grandma’s Attic Room” superteacherworksheets April 2012

“Sunset” superteacherworksheets April 2012

“Falling Asleep” superteacherworksheets April 2012

“Taking a Tumble” superteacherworksheets April 2012

“O Christmas Tree” superteacherworksheets May 2012

“Groundhog Day” superteacherworksheets May 2012

Enjoy my magazine appearances!